Antechinus Media Editor 10-user Educational License

Antechinus Media Editor: make animations and videos and record MP3 sounds.




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Description of Antechinus Media Editor 10-user Educational License:

Antechinus Media Editor lets you create videos, animations and sound files.* Create MPEG animations and videos * Create AVI animations and videos * Record MP3 sound files * Convert WAV to MP3 or MP2 * Convert AVI to MPEG * Merge MPEG or AVI animations with sound files * Try morphing effects* Extract images and sounds from AVI-s Supported import formats: Clipboard, BMP, DIB, GIF, PCX, PNG, RLE, TIFF and TGA. Antechinus allows you to control frame and repetition rates, color depth, compression and all the other aspects of generating videos. The new interface supports drag-and-drop and sorting of images.New in this version:* Smart auto-paste: this advanced clipboard scanning option allows you to use Antechinus seamlessly with your favorite paint program (Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop...)* You can now save the codec options that will be used by default each time you run the program* Command-line processing: you can now fully control AVI generation from the command line or another application by passing an .ini file to it. Number of frames can be specified for each individual image, and you can set the name and properties of the codec to use* The new help system: the Antechinus documentation has been restructured and assembled into a Windows Help .chm file for the tighter integration with the application * Quick AVI Creation: updated to support free-style naming of image files * Pasting new images no longer ovewrites the old ones when you open the program - you can now save your project and close the program to continue later from where you left off. * New tutorials have been included to give you a quick start in using the program, and * Several small under-the-hood changes were made to improve the speed and reliability of the program.

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