AMSMenu Applet

Smooth up and down scrolling menu.




$29 (USD)


Platform independent

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Description of AMSMenu Applet:

AMSMenu Applet is an update from its predecessor, the EggMenu Appletwhere it is a compact, simple, interactive and highly configureable menu applet where you can add as many menus and submenus as you wish. The registered version will come with all the necessary parameters including menu and submenu font size, font color, onmouse-over color, applet background color, menu and submenu sizes and many more. It's design is simple, yet interactive where it will scroll down smoothly and flicker free to create a perfect browsing tools for your website. This full working demo version will display a message on the status bar and one fixed menu "The Programmer" at the top of the menu. Registered version will cost US$39 both for non-commercial and commercial purposes without the fixed menu and message on the status bar. Registered EggMenu customer is entitled to free upgrade to this new AMSMenu Applet. Please email me for the free upgrade

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