Expedition Log

Scuba Diving Log Book for Recreational Divers (PADI and SSI Profiles included).




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Description of Expedition Log:

Designed for most recreational divers, Expedition Log? allows you to enter your SCUBA dives. This application has many features including;* Adding multiple divers (Ideal for Instructors who want to keep track of their students dives).* Ability to transfer a dive to your buddy - In this way your buddy does not have to enter all the information in again from scratch.* Track your Certifications; when and where you got them, who certified you and more importantly if they are due to expire.* Reminders when your Certifications are due to be renewed (e.g. First Aid Certifications).* Your equipment is also an important aspect of diving. Expedition Log? will record your equipment, and much like the certification section, will remind you when the equipment needs servicing.* Pre-loaded with PADI & SSI dive tables allowing the calculation of dive profiles.* Calculation of Surface consumption rates (on a per-dive basis)* Reports that you can print or email on a single dive (or your entire Log Book)* Overall Diver Statistics including Maximum and Minimum depths, Surface Consumption Rates etc* Context-sensitive help

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