Dive Assistant - Pocket PC Edition 2005

The fully featured, easy to use Pocket PC tool for scuba diving. Includes plan, log, tables and kit management functionality.




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Description of Dive Assistant - Pocket PC Edition 2005:

Blackwave Dive Assistant - Pocket PC Edition 2005 is the complete Pocket PC based scuba diving application. Dive Assistant is a feature rich dive log, and a lot more. It can display dive profiles downloaded from your Dive Computer, plan your dives, calculate your dive details, and managage your dive kit. Dive Assistant is easy to use yet powerful enough to meet all your dive needs.

You no longer need to carry dive tables with you when diving as long as you have the Dive Assistant. Dive Assistant and Dive Tables are the only Pocket PC software to support dive table lookup. You can download dive tables from our website or develop your own dive tables. The imported dive tables can be view in the application. They are also used in the Dive Planner. The Dive Planner is incorporated into the Dive Log and pulls data from your previous dive saving you the work of remembering the details. Once completed the planner will add the details to your current dive. The dive planner now supports Nitrox calculations as well as the basic dive planner..

Dive Assistant will keep track of all your dive kit and alert you when the kit need servicing. There is also a servicing history so that you can look up previous service details. The alert function can also alert you when your dive qulifications need renewal, something which is essential for instructors and other professionals who need to renew their qualification on a regular basis.

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