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Phrenologizing involved mostly head reading and character analyses as well as speculation on the interactions between the faculties (which were spoken of as if each were a selfish homunculus, seeking its own gratification). Most phrenologists would run their bare finger tips (Gall recommended using the palms of the hands) over a person's head to distinguish any elevations or indentations. Less frequently calipers, measuring tapes and other instruments were used. A skilled phrenologist knew not just the cartographic layout of the head according to the latest phrenological chart, but also the personalities and pros and cons, of each of the 35 odd organs (the number of organs gradually increased over time, see: the Phrenological organs). Phrenologists also diagnosed one's temperament or humors-an oft forgotten component of phrenology.

During phrenology's first heyday in the 1820s-1840s, many employers could demand a character reference from a local phrenologist to ensure that a prospective employee was honest and hard-working. This belief that the protuberances on the skull provided an accurate index of talents and abilities was particularly urged to be applied to education and criminal reform. Phrenologists, not unlike those who today believe in strong demarcations in "left-" or "right-brains", thought they could determine the most suitable career for the young and match prospective mates with greater accuracy than 'old-fashioned love'. Visiting a phrenologist was akin to seeking the advice of so-called psychics, clairvoyants or astrologers today. A phrenologist was someone who claimed to have access to special knowledge about people. The ignorant and gullible were particularly susceptible to the pretensions of phrenologists.

Phrenology was spread, from the days of Gall, through the end of the 19th century, largely by itinerant lecturers, as was mesmerism. A pamphlet by a typical "practical phrenologist" is: Lundie, The Phrenological Mirror. This pamphlet includes the prices for providing delineations, the meaning of each organ per its size (some of which are quite amusing) the four classical humors or temperaments as appropriated by the phrenologists, and two brief sections on how one ought and ought not use one's organs. In effect, Lundie's pamphlet, like most phrenology texts, was to serve as an owner's manual for the human brain.

Phrenologists also spent considerable time and effort in defending themselves and their science from criticism- always ready to portray themselves as Galileo-like defenders of natural truth, condemned by bigoted religious and close-minded scientific critics. Identical arguments are used today by charlatans of all descriptions who claim to have special knowledge or abilities. Those too rational or incredulous to believe without evidence are dismissed as "close-minded".

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