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Description of LogosLite Bible Viewer:

LogosLite is a simple Bible text viewer for anyone who wants to be able to lookup texts quickly and easily. At ¡ê10.00, for those who can afford it, it is a cheaper alternative to other larger, more expensive Bible software programs.
LogosLite can be used to read any of the Bible's freely available on the LogosWord website, or compatible modules produced by BibleMaker. As LogosLite uses the same Bible modules and the same installation and configuration system, it can be smoothly upgraded to LogosWord at any time.
;LogosLite supports LogosWord-applets. ;Applets may use LogosLite to lookup scriptures. LogosLite can provide the support system necessary to run LogosWord applets on your machine, so you don't necessarily have to buy the LogosWord Software Suite before you can make use of the additional applets available for purchase.

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