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Birthday Secrets

for Palm OS

Birthday Secrets is all about you, the inner core of your spirit, and the guiding force of your personality - the real you.

Ever wonder why you love to cook but your neighbor would rather weed the garden? Why you feel close to one sibling but not another? Why some people are world adventurers and others like to stay home with a good book? Why no two people are exactly alike? Birthday Secrets reveals answers to those questions and more.

You will learn about yourself, what motivates you, what challenges you, the talents and gifts that are yours alone because of the day of your birth. That is the fundamental tenet of astrology: opening the door to self-understanding and, through your planetary potential, fulfilling the promise of your birth. Astrology can show you how to make the most of you, how you can become the best you can be.

More than 2,500 years ago, people first recognized a correlation between the placement of the planets in the heavens and which individuals became kings, warriors, merchants, lovers, physicians, and more. But only those in the highest echelon of society had access to astrologers and their marvelous insights into human nature.

Birthday Secrets will pique your interest in astrology and in learning more about yourself. A professional astrologer can assist you in realizing your goals, in knowing when to act or maintain the status quo, and in deciding when to launch new endeavors. Of course, the word "professional" is the key, just as it is in other disciplines. To that end, astrological associations require their members to uphold certain ethics, and they certify only those members who successfully complete rigorous examinations after years of study. The American Federation of Astrologers, founded in 1938, was established with professionalism as one of its chief aims.

It is amazing, sometimes even to astrologers, that planets billions of miles away can affect our everyday lives, what we hope to become, and the goals we strive to achieve. Yet that is the truth of it and the wonder of it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of astrology!

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