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Description of Word Splash Pro - CD:

Word Splash Pro was designed to be a flexible, feature rich, and easy to use word search puzzle creation program. It is easy enough for the beginner, yet powerful enough to allow the advanced puzzle maker to be more adventurous with complex puzzle creation. Some features included: Word Direction Control, Up to 80x80 Grid Size, Intersection Control, Noise Fill Control, Shaped and Colored Grids, Text Paragraphs, Duplicate Word Checking, Spell Checking, Word Censoring, Random Word Lists Generation, Symbol and Extended Character Support, Hidden Words, Hidden Paragraphs, Scrambled Word List, Printing, Exporting, HTML Generation, Answer Sheets using various display methods, Style Sheets, Context Sensitive On-Line Help, Optional Puzzle Player Software, Sample Puzzles, Sample Word Lists, Sample Shapes and many other features. Special Puzzle Types Supported: Math and Number Puzzles, Symbol Pattern Puzzles, Question and Answer Puzzles, Hidden Paragraph Puzzles, Scrambled Word List Puzzles, Paragraph Puzzles.

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