VIRUS: The Game

A fast knuckle banging, joint challenging, fingerflying game




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Description of VIRUS: The Game:

VIRUS: The Game, v1.5 (ASP) from DynoTech Software.A fast knuckle banging, joint challenging, fingerflying game where YOU are the Virus ('the Bad Guy').Run recklessly about the surface of a hard drive while eliminating each sector's critical bytes. Collect enough bytes to venture to the next level. Watch for the relentless pursuit of a virus cleaner disk that chases you without restrictions! This fast moving puzzle-arcade game is not for slackers. It is highly recommended for those with blazing fingers, fast wit,and a 'death wish.' Defy the virus cleaner disk asit chases you across each sector. Avoid bombs, bad clusters, and even laser blasts as you weave from one danger to the next. Plan your steps carefully because each step you take reduces your playing area. As you eat away at the surface of the hard drive you also eat away at your own ability to move in certain sections of the playing field. This is one virus you will want to keep! Requires: 386+; Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or OS/2 Warp;4 MB RAM; 256 VGA; Mouse; Joystick (optional); and Sound Card (optional, but recommended).

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