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Description of Ultra Biorhythms Commercial license:

Ultra Biorhythms - professional analyzing biorhythms program that allows you to calculate, view, print your biorthythms and additional info.

Ultra Biorhythms can:
- calculate and analyze biorhythms on any month of years forward,
- calculate additional information about the current day and month for each person,
- search of good and bad days for any person on some years forward,
- calculate biorthythms in Standart and Enhanced modes,
- test each person for increase accuracy of biorhythms,
- compare and analyze biorhythms of two persons (compatibility mode),
- save biorhythms as picture or into clipboard,
- print biorhythms and additional info.

Non-registered version of the program Ultra Biorhythms does not allow to choose the period for calculation of biorhythms. All other functions are completely efficient. After registration you can choose any period for construction of biorhythms.There are two way of registration: for Private use or for Commercial use.

Private license.
You can use Ultra Biorhythms for personal non-commercial objectives (it is forbidden to sell or different way to take benefit from results of its work - graphic or printed).

Commercial license.
You can use results of Ultra Biorhythms in commercial objectives - to sell them or different way to receive benefit from use of the Ultra Biorhythms.

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