TrackTimer Pro Motorcycle

Software to manage setup, economics, part wear and more for motorcycle racing




$250 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of TrackTimer Pro Motorcycle:

Software to manage racing information. Think of TrackTimer as a very intelligent log book designed solely for racing needs.Complete session information with manual timing of up to four drivers. Store information about the setup you used with a certain session. Possible to compare different setups. Extensive aids for setup such as advanced gearing calculation and automatic RAD caluclation with jetting suggestions.Keeps track of costs for a number of different subgroups with regards to supplier and date.Automatic calculation of part wear in hours or distance or both. Alarms when it's time to replace a part.Possible to define tracks with maps and lots of information about arranging organization such as e-mail adresses and home page.Export all sessions and setups to HTML for easier viewing or upload to a web server.Get full statistics of all your sessions.

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