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Tif image page counter for the document scanning bureau




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Description of Tiff Counter:

Tif Counter allows a user to 'point' the folder-manager at either a single folder containing tif image files, or a Top Level folder containing no images, but containing many sub folders, which themselves contain many tif image files. Any combination of multi-page and/or single page tif files are accommodated. When the user clicks 'Count Pages', the software counts all pages contained in the Top Level folder (where there is only one folder) or all subfolders of the Top Level folder.TifCounter supports a combination of Multi-page and single page tif files, thus giving the imaging archivist a complete and accurate overview of the total page count for any job.An ideal application for the TifCounter is within an imaging bureau environment where an accurate page count is paramount when preparing to invoice the customer for the work scanned.Similarly, if you have had documents scanned by an outsourced imaging bureau, you can use TifCounter to satisfy yourself that the page count shown on the bureau invoice matches the page count of the image files actually received. An excellent way to approve invoices for payment.

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