The PC Scrutineer

The PC Scrutineer operates as an assistant to a Scrutineer of Ballroom Dancing Contests.




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Description of The PC Scrutineer:

The PC Scrutineer is an MS-DOS Application acting an intelligent assistant to a Scrutineer of Ballroom Dancing Contests. The total package comprises an MS-DOS 'Engine' and a Control Panel providing convenient access from Windows 9x.The engine has been in existence since 1991. Its computation of marks and placements for Ballroom Dancing Contests has been written to the rules defined as The Skating System, and has proved to be accurate and consistent since the early '90s.It supports all (known) styles of contests and marking, including the regular 1-2-3-4-5 Modern and Latin styles, Mixed (Modern/Latin), Disco, Old Tyme, Ten-Dances, and the Repechage marking system. It also supports the production of results that include the names of the contestants, and will compute to Championship Standard.It was deliberately written under MS-DOS in order to provide the fastest method of keying/collecting Adjudicator marking.

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