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Compatibility testing for high-school fundraisers.




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Description of The LoveDoctor - 300 Licenses:

The LoveDoctor offers professional level compatibility testing performance to High School students for the purpose of fundraising. Using The LoveDoctor, student groups are able to raise money in a way that is both fun and profitable! The popularity of The LoveDoctor has been amazing. In our beta-testing stage, student groups have been reporting incredible profits, and incredible fun, as a result of fundraisers based on The LoveDoctor. In one high school of about 600 students, over 400 students participated! Any high school group who has tried to get their fellow students enthused about anything, especially when it involves money, knows what an incredible feat this is!The basic premise behind The LoveDoctor is a simple one: Everybody is looking for someone. This is especially true at the High School level. What the LoveDoctor does is take your school's student body and, based on the results of a few simple questions, determines who is compatible with who. That's the basic level. For more information go to our webpage at

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