Stand-alone Pro Pack

Graphic Equalizer Pro, Parametric Equalizer Pro, Effects Processor Pro




$65 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of Stand-alone Pro Pack:

With ANWIDA Soft Pro Pack you get 3 professional real-time tools in bundle!

Graphic Equalizer Pro, the tool that conjugates the best of analog equipment with the accuracy and repeatability of digital world.

Add real-time audio effects to your sound files with Effects Processor Pro.Using an attractive 256-color interface, you can enhance your 16-bit wav files with high-quality phaser, flanger, and chorus effects.

Do you have some master recordings that don't sound as good as they should?Parametric Equalizer Pro enables you to easily make subtle or radical changes toyour audio material.

Main features of all the products:

- high quality DSP procedures
- clean, crisp and noiseless sound
- user friendly and attractive interfaces
- effective real-time (very low latency time)
- many, carefully scaled, control parameters

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