Solitaire City

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Description of Solitaire City:

Solitaire City is a collection of eight popularone and two pack solitaire games played againstthe clock for points. The faster you complete thegame, the higher your score, the best of which aresaved to hard drive. Solitaire City looks awesomein 256 color mode and looks even better in 16-bitor true color modes. The game supports three sizesof cards so the graphics will look large anddetailed regardless of your video resolution.Download more photorealstic card sets from theSolitare City web site, or design your own cardsusing Solitaire Setty, the card set designer whichis free to download separately. Bikini playingcards here we come !One Pack Solitaire Games Included :-----------------------------------Klondike, Demon, Poker Squares, Pyramid, Cribbage Squares, GolfTwo Pack Solitaire Games Included :-----------------------------------Casket, AlternationsOther Cool Features-------------------Forty Three Wacky Sound Effects (Configurable)Two Cool Cardsets in three sizes for(640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768 and better displays)Numerous Game RulesMultiple Hi-Score TablesHi-Scores ManagerFast and Furious Game PlayMany people who play Solitaire City have said itis the best, most addictive and fun Solitairecollection they have ever played.

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