Simple32 Gold Special Edition

Pactor program for the SCS PTC II series.Send and Receive live Webcams or 100% error free SSTV.Program is optimised for the new Pactor III mode.




$49 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of Simple32 Gold Special Edition:

Simple32 Gold Special Edition is a program written especially for the SCS PTC II series of controllers.The main highlights of the program are the ability to send instant Web Cams. The remote station will see these pictures arriving dynamically. This is also the case with other jpg type pictures. Another interesting feature is the ability to read the remotes directory and to download a live web cam picture.The whole procedure is automatic and the Webcam can be sent with one mouse click. Simple32 recognises most Web cams automatically if they have already been installed into windows.Of course you can also send any type of file with Simple32, and if it is a music file it will be played automatically on receipt.Simple32 is also fine for RTTY, Amtor and PSK31. You can check up on all the facilities of the program at WWW.SIMPLE32.COM

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