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Description of ShareDog:

ShareDog is a hip software tool that helps you to encrypt your shareware, make it auto-registrable. Everythong about registration will automatic be done by sharedog, including lets your software automatically display the registration dialog, detect the unique license ID of the computer of your customers, create a SerialNO generate machine for that software so that you can automatically generate SerialNO for each license, and lets you set the evaluation days of your shareware. You do not need write even any code now!

All what you need to do is just to develop your software, ShareDog will do anything else:

a) ShareDog automatically lock your software. ShareDog also encrypt the executable code of your software with 128-bit length key so that the hacker can't crack it. Also, ShareDog used "mix memory dump" technology to pretect your application. It effectually prevents the application from being unshelled.

b) The ShareDog proteced software,whatever it is before, will automatically create a unique license ID for erach computer. That means, each machine has an unique SerialNO. There is no fixed SerialNO for all computer!

c) The ShareDog proteced software automatically do the registration work. It will automatically exam whether it has been registered. If not, it will popup a registration dialog to ask user to register(aslo the registering work is automatically done by ShareDog),or let the user evaluate your software some days(can be set by you).

d) ShareDog can automatically build a SerialNO Generate Machine. This machine can create a unique128-bit SerialNO for earch license ID. It's impossible to guess or crack a SerialNO!

Note: If you don't specially ask, every time ShareDog will generate a different SerialNO Generate Machine.

e) You can set a evaluation time for your software.

f) You can specially ask ShareDog to use a old SerialNO Generate Machine. So the customer can use the SerialNO of the old version software with the new version ones(If you want).

g) For all above featrues, you DO NOT need to write any code!

How does it work?
Simply choose the software you want to lock, click the 'lock!' button, and in a very short time your program will become a auto-registrable shareware!.

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