r.a.d.panelbar Standard

An easy-to-use component for building collapsible side-menu navigation ¨C from simple left menus, to Outlook?-style bars, to multilevel hierarchical pa




$95 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of r.a.d.panelbar Standard:

The Standard license allows you to use the control on one website, defined by a top-level domain (telerik.com), a single IP, or a server name. The Standard license also allows you to access the control on an internal IP used for development purposes, as well as on any workstation via http://localhost. This license is best suited for companies or individual developers who want to implement r.a.d.panelbar in a single project. The control may be used on multiple servers as long as it is accessed by a single domain name. Does not have limitations for the number of developers working with the control. Can be upgraded to any license.

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