r.a.d.editor 1 Developer + Subsciption

The high-end content editor for ASP.NET




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Description of r.a.d.editor 1 Developer + Subsciption:

Grants a single named Developer the right to integrate r.a.d.editor royalty-free in an unlimited number of solutions (web-sites or custom web-applications). This license does NOT grant you the right to integrate r.a.d.editor in commercial products, which are meant for further sale and distribution. You need to obtain an Enterprise (OEM) license for that purpose. This license is preferred by freelancers or small software companies who plan to use the r.a.d.editor extensively in their custom projects. It can be upgraded to a 4 Developer license or an Enterprise license.The subscription is valid for a period of one year and entitles you to free product minor and major version upgrades. After your subscription expires, you will need to renew your subscription to have access to new product upgrades. You can, however, continue using in your development the updates that were released while your subscription was active and distribute your applications built using r.a.d.editor.

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