r.a.d.controls Standard + Subscription

telerik r.a.d.controls web-suite is an indispensable collection of .NET components for rapid development and content management of sites and web-appli




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Description of r.a.d.controls Standard + Subscription:

The Standard license allows you to use the controls on one website, defined by a top-level domain (telerik.com), a single IP, or a server name. The Standard license also allows you to access the controls on an internal IP used for development purposes, as well as on any workstation via http://localhost. This license is best suited for companies or individual developers who want to implement r.a.d.controls in a single project. The controls may be used on multiple servers as long as it is accessed by a single domain name. Does not have limitations for the number of developers working with the control. Can be upgraded to any license.The subscription entitles you to receive all new versions and all new components released within a year of purchase. After the subscription expires you can continue to use all components received during its term. If you want to continue to receive new products and version updates you need to renew your subscription.

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