r.a.d.controls Enterprise

r.a.d.controls web-suite is an indispensable collection of .NET components for rapid development and content management of sites and web-applications




$3195 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of r.a.d.controls Enterprise:

This license grants an unlimited number of developers within your company to integrate the controls in an unlimited number of solutions (web-sites or custom web-applications). The license also includes an OEM license for all products (except for r.a.d.designer) which allows your company to distribute the controls as an integrated part of 1 (one) commercial product (e.g. CMS, newsletter system, etc.) This end-product can be sold or distributed royalty-free provided that it adds significant and primary functionality to the components.Best for larger organizations, which need a greater pool of developers to work with the controls, or which want to distribute it as an integral part of their commercial products.

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