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Description of QueIt:

Welcome to QueIt! QueIt is a powerful scheduling utility that allows you to schedule programs or tasks to automatically launch at specified times that you choose. With QueIt you are able to schedule a program to launch daily, weekly, monthly or hourly. You can even set up QueIt to run a task or program every minute. Some of QueIt¡¯s other features are as follows:(1) Only launch a program if a specified file exists. For example, you want to launch Microsoft Excel ONLY if a file by the name of ¡°today.txt¡± exists in a specified folder, QueIt would wait until this file exists prior to launching Excel. You can have QueIt wait indefinitely or you can set QueIt up to have the task ¡°time out¡± after a specified number of hours.(2) Send an automatic email message to one or more specified email addresses at the time a task is launched or at the time a task is completed. You can even configure QueIt to send an email message if the task times out. (3) Provide command line arguments to the program that is being scheduled. For example, if you schedule Microsoft Excel with a command line argument of ¡°my_spreadsheet.xls¡±, QueIt would then launch Excel and open the ¡°my_spreadsheet.xls¡± spreadsheet.(4) Automatically stop a task after it has been running for a specified number of hours or minutes. For example, if you scheduled Microsoft Internet Explorer to launch at 8:00 AM and then selected the ¡°Stop Task After¡± option with a value of 1 hour, QueIt would launch Explorer at 8:00 AM and then close Explorer at 9:00 AM.(5) Detailed log information. QueIt logs every task that is successfully launched and completed or any task that fails to launch.(6) When minimized, QueIt runs unattended and remains as an icon in your system tray. If your computer is shutdown, QueIt will automatically be restored once your computer is re-booted.

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