Panopticum Lens Pro II (Plugins for Premiere, Win)

Panopticum Lens II is special Lens effects for Adobe Premiere




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Description of Panopticum Lens Pro II (Plugins for Premiere, Win):

Panopticum Lens II contains big sets useful and breathtaking lenses and crystals effects that can be put to work immediately in Premiere 5.0 or later. Panopticum Lens II - this set of powerful tools, which allows quickly and easily to create images of lenses and crystals of various forms.This set contains 8 filters (6 kinds of lenses and 2 kinds of crystals) and 9 transitions:Ellipse lens, Sqare lens, Droplet lens, Torus lens, Border lens, Star lens, Diamond crystal and Star crystal.The new set of parameters ARRAY will help you to quickly create system of particles from the lenses and crystals. You can adjust parameters of particles movement, and you will be able to create interesting effects and animated backrounds. Read the full details at

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