O&O Defrag V4 Professional Edition

O&O Defrag V4 Professional EditionWith O&O Defrag V4 you achieve maximum performance under Windows XP, Windows2000, and Windows NT - with minimum effort! It includes the most professionaland...




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Description of O&O Defrag V4 Professional Edition:

O&O Defrag V4 Professional Edition
With O&O Defrag V4 you achieve maximum performance under Windows XP, Windows2000, and Windows NT - with minimum effort! It includes the most professionaland user-friendly features ever found in defragmentation software. And accordingto computer and media experts, O&O Defrag is definitely one of the besttools for Windows!

File fragmentation is the allocation of a file intononcontiguous sectors on a floppy or hard disk. O&O Defrag V4 puts togetherthe fragmented files in your system and arranges them in order, thus, optimizingthe process of read/write file access and significantly increasing system speed.O&O Defrag V4 brings back lost performance and allows your hardware to runefficiently, saving you time and money. With O&O Defrag V4 you get thetechnological leader in defragmentation software. This most recent versioncontains amazing new features, designed to make your system optimizationeasy-to-use and professional, which you will not find in any competitor'sproduct. 

One highlight of our new O&O Defrag V4 is the new STEALTHtechnology. This is an industry first which provides the fastest defragmentationever, while at the same time greatly reducing the demand on system resources.The Management Console of the Server Edition allows easy setup and control ofO&O Defrag V4 Professional/Server in local or global networks for enterprisewide defragmentation. See for yourself how easy you can get a maximum ofperformance! 

The MICROSOFT Certified Professional Magazine, issue 12/2002asked experts and contributors to choose their favorite software products withindifferent categories. O&O Defrag V4 receives the editors' choice award asthe best defragmentation software for Windows XP/2000/NT!

How it works
Also in times of affordable and fast hardware an important part of a system'sperformance is dependent on the  operating system used and its integratedfile management. The most frequently- occurring problem is file fragmentation.Files are separated in multiple single fragments and distributed over the user'shard disk. As a result processing these files takes much longer, because allsegments belonging to one file have to be relocated, read and put together. Theimpact is particularly dramatic in Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000, and WindowsNT. The longer a system is in use, the more intensive file fragmentation andtherefore performance loss will occur. American Business Research Corp. in asurvey found that 56 percent of NT/2000 workstations had files fragmented onaverage into between 1,050 and 8,162 pieces. One in four companies reportedfinding files broken into as many as 10,000 to 51,222 fragments!

O&O Defrag V4 reactivates this lost and hidden systemperformance and brings it back to save time and money. File- and databaseservers, but also workstations can substantially improve their systemperformance using O&O Defrag V4. Regular defragmentation prevents new harddisk fragmentation and will ease the use of Windows XP/2000/NT in the long term.

These substantial performance gains save time and money whichmakes O&O Defrag the most important software tool for optimized Windowsperformance according to experts and customers.

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