O&O BlueCon XXL [Administrator License, Full Version]

O&O BlueCon XXLWith O&O BlueCon XXL you can quickly revitalize crashed systems, rescue lostdata and ensure that no confidential data accidentally leaves your company. Youcan protect yourself...




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Description of O&O BlueCon XXL [Administrator License, Full Version]:

O&O BlueCon XXL
With O&O BlueCon XXL you can quickly revitalize crashed systems, rescue lostdata and ensure that no confidential data accidentally leaves your company. Youcan protect yourself against a potentially disastrous loss of important data andavoid expensive and time-consuming reinstallations. O&O BlueCon XXL is apowerful tool for the system administrator.

The new version of O&O's unique "Blue ScreenAdministration Software" now offers the administrator even more ways torescue data and systems under Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. Theintegration of the new UNERASE functionality allows you to restore fileswithout having to start the operating system. The new SAFEERASE functionalityhas been integrated and expanded so you can completely, securely and permanentlydelete files, folders, partitions and complete hard drives.

The easy-to-create O&O BlueCon Boot CD offers you anextremely effective way of accessing all systems - even those that won't bootanymore. O&O BlueCon XXL is often the last chance to rescue your Windowssystem, and therefore a must for any administrator.

O&O BlueCon XXL runs before the start of the actualoperating system. This ensures that defective programs, drivers and serviceshaven't already been started. If neither restarting nor activating previousconfigurations help, it's normally too late. Until now, the only option was aparallel or new installation - endless hours of painstaking and expensiveconfiguration of the computer. Rescuing data could make you despair! Thanks toO&O BlueCon, these days are over. 

O&O BlueCon XXL provides standard commands like DIR, COPY,DEL etc. as well as a lot of additional commands to help you in restoring yourWindows XP/2000/NT installation. They give you the chance to individuallyactivate and deactivate drivers and system services. You can also replace themby newer versions. O&O BlueCon XXL now offers you the possibility ofrestoring already deleted data.

Now you can restore non-functioning XP/2000/NT installations,rescue data from defective hard disk drives, reset a forgotten administratorpassword and much more with O&O BlueCon XXL. The possibility of startingO&O BlueCon from a floppy or CD-rom means you can access systems whose harddisk will no longer boot.

The license for O&O BlueCon XXL Administrator's Suite is bound to aperson.
This means that exactly one administrator can install and use the software onhis/her computer. He or she can also create an O&O BlueCon boot CD and usethis to administrate as many appropriate computers in the company,restore data from them or securely delete sensitive information on their harddisks. If further administrators are to work with an O&O BlueCon Boot-CD,further licenses must be purchased. 

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