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NavSafe is now available in Italian.GPS Navigation software for Windows 96 or Windows NT. Komputer Products of Value makes available NavSafe, a Windows program that provides a low cost combination of GPS and navigation. NavSafe uses maps or charts you may have scanned yourself or purchased. There is no copyright problem as long as you scan maps you have purchased. The program automatically loads the map required to show your current position. It can combine adjoining maps and even adjust the scale of adjoining maps and display them at the same time (Mercator or Plate Carrée projection). You can display a safety circle around your current position. NavSafe makes trip planning easier by allowing you to read coordinates of a map by just moving your mouse over it and you can measure Great Circle distances and bearings between objects. You can store lots of waypoints and routes. NavSafe can read a variety of images and can convert images from one format to another. NavSafe can deal with maps based on Mercator, UTM or Lambert conformal projections. For maps at a scale of 1:100 000 and larger the projection type can be ignored. NavSafe will transform coordinates from the WGS 84 map datum to the map datum your map is based on (you can obtain the transformation parameters from your local Surveying department). Even if you don't have a GPS receiver NavSafe is useful as you can use it to measure distances between points and you can work out how long it will take you to get there.

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