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ABBYY FineReader 5.0 Pro features award-winning OCR technology (the recipient of 50 awards worldwide) and an easy-to-use standard Windows interface that allows you to scan and read documents, letters,...




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Description of NA ABBYY FineReader Pro:

ABBYY FineReader 5.0 Pro features award-winning OCR technology (the recipient of 50 awards worldwide) and an easy-to-use standard Windows interface that allows you to scan and read documents, letters, articles, spreadsheets, and tables accurately, and export them directly into popular applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, and Word Pro, or, alternatively, save them in PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT, DOC, XLS, CSV, or DBF format. FineReader 5.0 Pro retains multicolumn page layout, including any tables and pictures. Even poor quality text can be recognized with good results. All TWAIN compatible scanners are supported by the software.

NOTE: Russian and other Cyrillic languages are NOT included in the standard Pro package. If you wish to recognize the latter, please select the ABBYY FineReader Cyrillic version from the previous page. The Cyrillic version is not available electronically and requires both a CD-Rom drive and a floppy disk drive for installation.

NOTE: To reduce download size and time, the download version of ABBYY FineReader contains only the ENGLISH recognition module and user interface. Additional languages can be downloaded free of charge (with the exception of Cyrillic-based languages) from this website.

The Pro edition features:
Higher recognition accuracy (150% to 200% higher) ? Higher recognition accuracy (150% to 200% higher) ? ABBYY?s powerful OCR engine is the repeated winner in recognition accuracy tests. Recognition accuracy in the case of poor quality texts (e.g. dot matrix printouts, typewritten text, prints, photocopies, and faxes) is higher than ever before due to the superior Integral Purposeful Adaptive (IPA) perception technology incorporated.; Document format retention - FineReader retains original page layout, including tables, graphics, and columns. It recognizes single- and multiple-column texts that include both pictures and tables, and retains document formatting. The degree of accuracy attained by ABBYY FineReader in the case of tables is astonishingly high - automatic page analysis identifies table cells correctly even in the case of vertically- and horizontally merged cells; special tools allow the user to add/remove new rows and columns if necessary; and the built-in editor displays both the recognized table for further editing and the original image. FineReader can also recognize subscript, superscript characters, and simple chemical formulas.; New improved user interface and powerful features ? Documents containing tables and/or color pictures can both be recognized automatically by simply clicking on the Scan&Read button. The Scan&Read Wizard shows you step-by-step how to input documents into your computer, so that even beginners are able to recognize documents with complex text layouts in next to no time - and obtain excellent results while they?re at it! (For example, in MS Word).  121 recognition languages (NOTE: 176 languages in Cyrillic version) - ABBYY FineReader 5.0 is a true polyglot! Its knowledge of morphology leads to increased recognition quality, and not only does ABBYY FineReader recognize monolingual texts (e.g. in English, Spanish, Dutch, etc.), it also recognizes multilingual texts (English/French, German/Italian/French, etc.) - you specify the language combination you need. Even programming languages can be recognized, including Basic, C/C++, COBOL, Fortran, Java, Pascal.  Direct export to MS Word, MS Excel, WordPro, WordPerfect, StarWriter, Web browsers and e-mail applications. Recognition results, including tables and pictures, can be sent directly to any of the above with just one click of a button - and you don?t even need to save the results beforehand. You can now even launch ABBYY FineReader directly from within MS Word!; Source text and picture retention - ABBYY FineReader can scan color documents, retain text color, and export the results. It even allows you to insert your own color pictures into recognized text.  Tutorial Feature - The latest FineReader version features a Tutorial help section that explains the characteristics of the most commonly used document types (14 in total), and the recommended recognition settings for each one. The Tutorial section also explains which additional features are available, and when they should be used. Simply put, the Tutorial section is a built-in practical guide to using FineReader.; Background recognition support - When OCR software is used for editing, processor usage is less than 10%. Background recognition during editing therefore makes sense as it results in a better usage of processor resources.  Block editing tools - FineReader allows pages to be analyzed and pictures, text, and table blocks to be identified either automatically or manually. You can add, delete, and renumber blocks, change block size and form, select a block type, language, and text type, and also invert a block. The program also recognizes vertical text and pictures embedded in table cells.  Automatic detection of page orientation and dual page scanning ? Images can be both straightened (deskewed) and cleaned. Automatic dual page splitting makes scanning book pages easy, as the image is split into two pages and each page?s skew dealt with separately.; Built-in spell check system ? The new spell check interface makes it easier to spot errors prior to export. It also allows you to add new words to the program?s dictionary thus enabling you to create your own custom dictionary.Supported Languages121 recognition languages (176 - Cyrillic version) supported; spell check for 30 languages (34 - Cyrillic version). Recognition of multilingual documents.Supported Scanners FineReader works with all scanners via the TWAIN standard. For the complete list of compatible scanners click here.Software and Hardware PC with Intel? Pentium? 133 MHz or higher processor ; Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000 and NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3) ; 32 Mb RAM (16 Mb RAM for each additional processor)  ; 40Mb hard disk space for minimal program installation  ; 50Mb hard disk space for program operation  ; 100% Twain-compatible scanner, digital camera or fax-modem ; CD-ROM and floppy disk drive ; Mouse or other pointing device
Supported Image Input Formats
BMP: b/w, grey, color; PCX, DCX: b/w, grey, color; JPEG: grey, color; PNG: b/w, grey, color; TIFF: b/w, gray, color, multipage
     Methods of TIFF compression:
           CCITT Group 3
           CCITT Group 3 FAX (2D)
           CCITT Group 4
           JPEG Document Saving FormatsMicrosoft Word 95, 97, 2000, 2002; Microsoft Excel 95, 97, 2000, 2002; Lotus Word Pro 9.5, 97 and Millennium Edition; Corel WordPerfect 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and 2002; Rich Text Format; Text; Unicode Text; HTML; DBF; CSV; PDF
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