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Description of MorePics:

MorePicsis scanning Newsgroups and the WWW according to your preferences,gathers pictures and stores them onto your harddisk - ignoringbanners and skipping uneffective places.
All images will be thumbnailed and organized in catalogs ordirectories you provide.
In addition MorePicshas powerful functions for professional imaging. If you wish, aSuggestions button connects MorePics to our server anddownloads up-to-date lists of top starting points for WWW scans.These lists are sorted by categories and provide easy access tointeresting WebSites containing lots of free pictures.


WWW Crawler
Depth-first or level-by-level scan for images ; Configurable minimum image size ; List of Excluded WebSites (URLs that will not be processed) ; Scanning of meta-link-lists ; Graphical display of status and link-tree ; Downloadable suggestion lists ; Access to pay-sites (if password is available)
Newsgroup Crawler
Loads all Newsgroups of the connected server for easy selection ; Decoding of all binary attachments (including audio, video, etc.) ; Keeps track on messages which are already processed ; Imaging Tools
Organization of user-defined picture archives ; Creation and organization of virtual archives ; Slide-Shows ; Display functions (Full-Screen, Zoom, Window, etc.) ; Existing images and directories will be included ; Multi-threaded WWW scan ; Preview during scan of Newsgroups and WWW  

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