MK Rules Tournament Manager

Manage and schedule Swiss-style gaming tournaments with the MK Rules Tournament Manager for Windows.




$19.95 (USD)


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Description of MK Rules Tournament Manager:

The MK Rules Tournament Manager allows you to manage and schedule Swiss-style gaming tournaments. It supports more than two players per table, running multiple tournaments simultaneously, configurable scheduling rules (including team vs. team and scheduling by skill level), and drag-and-drop re-scheduling. Each tournament is stored in a binary file that may be moved or EMAILed without loss of information. Most of your work is performed in a single window, so there's no bouncing back and forth between forms. The Open New feature allows you to start each new tournament with the same parameters and players as a previous tournament. The trial version expires in 30 to 60 days. Software key to unlock the program for permanent use is available with purchase.

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