MainActor - Upgrade from V1.x or V2.x

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MainActor - Upgrade from V1.x or V2.x Download

Description of MainActor - Upgrade from V1.x or V2.x:

The download version of MainActor Upgrade is fully functional.Once the order process has been completed, you get an email containing the link for downloading the version, your personal serial number and some information about how to unlock your MainActor Upgrade. The manual is included in the software as a file.While ordering the product you have the opportunity to additionally choose the option ?CD on demand?. This is a backup CD which we can send you for a small charge for production and mail order.Furthermore, you are authorized to obtain all following updates of MainActor within the version 3.xx free of charge. You only have to download the current demo version and unlock it with your personal serial number.

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