Hex Editor 1.6

'binary file and save game editor'




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Description of Hex Editor 1.6:

The Hex Editor is a very powerful, full color Windows 95,98 compatible program which allows you to view, modify and save large binary files. The shareware version allows you to use all the features of the Hex Editor for twenty days.The aim of the program is to allow you to easily change and save files from a game in order to increase your abilities. You can display files in Ascii (text), binary (Hexadecimal) or decimal mode. You can search for text, a set of hexadecimal digits, a decimal number or go to a given address. You can then change the file and save your changes. If you make a mistake there is unlimited undo. You can also load a comparison file and search for differences between the source and comparison files or you can view the source and comparison files in parallel with their differences highlighted.Various techniques are described in the documentation to increase money stats etc.

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