Glow in the Dark Year 2000 Glasses

Bid farewell to the 20th century and welcome in the new millennium with 2000 Glow Year Glasses!




$25 (USD)


Platform independent

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Description of Glow in the Dark Year 2000 Glasses:

Our glow year glasses have been literally changing the way the world rings in the New Year. The perfect complement to the party hat and noisemaker, they add fun and laughs throughout the party. But when the lights go out at midnight and every face glows "2000" in the dark---WOW! HAPPY NEW YEAR!Now that "Millenium Madness" is upon us, the Glow-Year Glasses are poised to be the hottest Souvenir/Gift/Party Favor available. They are inexpensive, unbreakable, and never lose their ability to Glow-in-the-Dark! You've probably heard of them from TV and magazines but didn't know where to get them. Well, now you know, you can get them from us.The Glow-Year Glasses are also popular at sports events, parades, and anniversaries, and are a great gift/souvenir for the party of a lifetime.When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 1999, it will be the biggest party the world has ever known. Be sure you're dressed for the occasion with the first true "fashion statement" of the New Millennium---Glow Year Glasses!

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