DVCocos Islands Screensaver

Wonderful sea landscape with real opportunity of saving your screen.




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Description of DVCocos Islands Screensaver:

DVCocos Islands Screensaver takes you to your fantasyCoco Islands reminiscent of a tropical Island paradisewe dare only dream of spending our lives. A Sailboatin the horizon with dolphins leisurely frolicking inthe Emerald and Aquamarine waters, relax as you hearthe cry of Seagulls flying above the Seas in Azureblue Skies, and listen to the surf sounds as youactually see waves splashing sand on to goldenbeaches. As your day progresses you will see yourscreen saver picture change with time as you witnessDawn to Dusk and Morning to Night. On your screen arealso displayed Sunrise and Sunset times according toyour Geographical location with a choice from a database of 4 000 cities. Enjoy this wonderful screensaveras you transport yourself into your Tropical IslandsParadise in the comfort of your home.

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