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Description of DownHunder:

DownHunder takes the labour out of visiting The Hun's TGP and getting the galleries you want from the hundreds you don't. Purchase DownHunder and you will get a program with these extra cool features:Gallery Archive - Every gallery you download is saved on your hard drive for you to view at any time! Spend your time looking at pictures and movies, not downloading them!; Intelligent Sort - DownHunder keeps track of which types of galleries you like to download and will sort the often long list of galleries that The Hun has by your particular preferences!; Memory - DownHunder remembers which galleries you have already downloaded so you don't accidentally get duplicate media.; Customizable Download Order - You can specify the order in which the galleries are downloaded.; Smart Bookmarks - remembers your most frequented web sites and keeps the ones you visit most frequently at the top of the list.; Download Preferences - You can specify exactly what types of files you want - images, movies or anything else!; Skip Gallery - if you don't like what is being downloaded, just skip it.

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