Ashampoo SeeYa! (full, english, digital)

The revolutionary new way of sharing images!




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Description of Ashampoo SeeYa! (full, english, digital):

AshampooSeeYa! allows you to compress images and voice to create a compact, one-file,talking slideshow. You can send it to your family, friends and business partnersaround the world! AshampooSeeYa! is now available in multiple languages!

Thereare three easy steps to a revolutionary new way of sharing your images:

Send your pictures - Drag-and-Drop the images you want to send to your friends, family, business associates or work mates!!! ;
Send your voice - Record your voice to each image so that your recipients can hear your voice commentating the images you chose!! ;
Send your love - Compress the whole thing into a small self executable or zip file and send it straight to the people you want to see and hear it!!

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