Ashampoo Mail Virus Blocker (full, english, digital)

Blocks scripts and attachments before they are received by the e-mail program.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Ashampoo Mail Virus Blocker (full, english, digital):

E-Mailviruses are spread as "e-mail attachments" files sent together withthe actual e-mail message. E-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook? Express don'tprovide you with optimum protection to make sure that this doesn't happen. Theyallow you to run attachments immediately just by clicking on them, and sometimesthey will even be run automatically as soon as they are received. This programwill either delete the mail containing the attachment or it will rename theattachments. 

Inrecent months millions of machines have been infected with viruses transmittedthrough e-mail attachments like Melissa, I Love You, Love Bug and AnnaKournikova. These viruses and many others like them havealready

causeda tremendous damage on computers all over the world - and who knows what newsurprises are in those fresh mails waiting in the in-box? Ashampoo Mail VirusBlocker provides effective protection against viruses transmittedthrough mail attachments.

AshampooMail Virus Blockeridentifies and blocks potentially dangerous attachments before they arereceived by the user¡¯s e-mail program.  Dependingon the settings, Ashampoo Mail Virus Blocker will either delete the mail containing the attachment or it will rename the attachments. Renaming attachments makes them harmless, because it is then no longerpossible to execute them by clicking on them.

AshampooMail Virus Blocker is designed primarily for use with Microsoft Outlook?Express. However, it can also be used with any other e-mail client that allowsconfiguration of the necessary settings, including all versions of
MicrosoftOutlook?. In Microsoft Outlook? XP/2002 the program also makes it possible toreceive ¡°Level 1¡± attachments by renaming them before they are received bythe mail client. (Some users find it annoying that the Outlook XP/2002 blocksthese attachments without providing an option for letting them through.)

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