Advanced Image Viewer/Browser designed for Windows NT/2000/XP and Windows 9x




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Description of Antares9:

Advanced yet extremely easy and intuitive to use Image Browser/Viewer for Windows NT/2000 and Windows 9x. Superfast image loading and thumbnail processing, that is designed from the ground up to handle thousands of images efficiently. How efficient is it? Well if you have a folder containing more than 2000 images then you should give Antares9 a try to find out. Sporting a sleek and easy to use user interface with multiple viewing options. The first to have split view capability so you can browse and compare thousands of images in a folder easily. Advanced batch image conversion and renaming capabilities not found in any other product.It's easy to use. Friendly menus and keyboard shortcuts for all functions. Last folder and image viewed from the last use are automatically retrieved and shown on startup. You don't have to hunt for them everytime. Folders history is available to assist you in locating the recently visited folders. A great time saving especially on a multi drive system with deep nested folders.Enjoy your image collection with the slideshow or mosaic show. Zoom in or out at your will. Scroll horizontally or vertically smoothly.Whats new:Antares9 is now up to 70% faster than the previous release. Multimonitor support in Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.Now you can browse the images in one monitor and preview the full screen image in another monitor. Radically new Print Preview feature, with drag-drop/resize capability. Shell integration, Now tou can launch the ultra fast image preview from the windows explorer.Autoscroll thumbnail pane. Watch your thumbnails automatically scroll up/down.Drag n drop thumbnail arrange feature. Mouse wheel support for scrolling and zooming in/out. New image support: - Flashpix image.- Photoshop image. New search/filter for files feature. Set as wallpaper feature.

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