PC alarm clock. Wake to CD, MP3 or custom sound. Configurable snooze, auto volume & mute setting, power check, wake up notes.




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Description of Klok:

Klok is a PC alarm clock, which is ideal for people who travel with a laptop. The alarm can be CD, MP3 play list or a custom sound (wav). CD and MP3 play lists can be played in order or randomised.User configurable settings include default alarm time, snooze period, volume levels, display details and appearance.Notes can be entered and diplayed when the alarm sounds.When the alarm is set, Klok provides a warning if the PC is running on battery power.When the alarm sounds, the volume is automatically set to user defined levels, and mute is removed if it has been set. Both volume and mute are re-set to their initial states when the alarm is turned off.

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