Kasparsoft Musiccollector

The Musiccollector is a program for people, who collects music. With it you can keep track of your collection and can print CD-labels and covers.




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Description of Kasparsoft Musiccollector:

If you have a big music collection with a lot of CDs, LPs and any other kind of sound storage mediums, it is easy to loose track of the collection. With the Musiccollector you can enter all information about your collection and will be able to find every Song your searching for. If a friend is looking for good music, you can give him a list of your collection, maybe only the Songs on CD.If your recording your own samplers, the Musiccollector prints Labels and Covers for your CDs or MiniDisc or MCs or... The covers and also the labels can easily be lettered with the artists and the names of the songs.

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