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Finds Archive
Finds Recording & Analysis Software For the Serious Detectorist
Finds Archive is powerful new software that includes all the features you need to accurately record and analyse your finds. It's design and user-friendly interface means you'll be up and running in no time and it's in-built flexibility means you can see information about your finds in the way that YOU want!
Designed by detectorists and tested by an international team, you can be sure that Finds Archive is the solution for the serious detecting enthusiast!
With Finds Archive you can store¡­
;The date you made the find ;The find-spot location ;Details about the find-spot* ;A grid or GPS reference ;The period that the find dates from ;Three user-defined levels of categorisation for each find ;Details about the find itself* ;Details of references and research* ;Details about any conservation methods or materials used* ;Details about when the find was reported and to whom ;Notes about the reporting process* ;Up to three images of the find ;The value for insurance or collector purposes ;Notes about the valuation* ;Your own reference number ;Details of the equipment or settings/program used* ;Details of your detecting contacts ;A diary where you can record detecting trips and important dates* ;Your favourite detector programs or settings ;Details of club or group members or equipment ;The precise position of your finds on scanned maps *You can store an unlimited amount of information about these items
Not only that but Finds Archive gives you the power to view and print your information in ways that would be almost impossible using any other system.
;Need to see a list of all your finds from a particular site? ;Need a list of all the hammered silver coins you've found from the medieval period? ;Need to review all the bronze artefacts you've ever found? ;Need to know how many Roman coins you've found and what their total value is? ;Need to know how many finds you made this year compared to last? ;Need to know what percentage of your finds are copper alloy No problem! These are just a few of the benefits made possible by Finds Archive's powerful data filtering technology. With just a couple of clicks you can have this information on screen in seconds or print it out in a variety of ready-made reports. In a detecting club environment Finds Archive can also be set up to record who found what at what site!

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