AquaData describes how to keep and breed over 250 species of freshwater aquarium fish. Each is illustrated with at least one colour photograph.




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Description of AquaData:

AquaData offers you quick and easy access to information on 252 species of freshwater fish. This software makes it easy to find the species that you want. Imagine being able to look for your fish in the following ways:Scientific name (many alternates included)Common name (even more alternate names are included!)Family (by genus)Geographical regionGroupings of similar fishThe title includes:252 species of freshwater fish455 colour photographs619 alternate common and scientific names6,335 references to 318 other publicationsFish Finder - this utility helps you find the ideal fish for your tank. You supply some informations (there are many different filters) and let it list the possible species! It's as easy as that!

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