Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel

The first-selection of Anti-Porn and network purifies software. Independent of web browser, more than 97% of the superelevation anti-rate, the multinational language is supported, automatic study to intellective upgrade.




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Description of Filseclab Internet Guardian Angel:

It can be used to filter all kinds of web browser, because it used firewall technology. For example: Internet Explorer, Netscape etc, all of them can be filtered. It is embedded with system, user cannot stop it with normal ways. So, it is very secure, you do not worry about that it can be removed by someone. It can block auto-popup, includes auto-popup porn links, auto-popup advertisement windows etc. Quiet mode. It can be set to quiet mode, let the user don't feel that the websites have been filtered. Set to the quiet mode, the user has no limitation feeling, that is fit for younger children. It can block websites base on special language. For example, you can block the websites that using Greek, Japanese or other languages. So, it can effectively block porn websites that using foreign language. Automatically learning. It has intelligence parsing engine, when it found insalubrious website, it would automatically add it to blacklist, in this way can raise the anti efficiency. Live Message. When software or database is updated, FILSECLAB would issue a message online, the Filseclab Messenger program would receive this message and show you, and then you may run the Filseclab LiveUpdate to update your programs. Anti-Porn websites. High anti-rate. Through the large number of tests with sample websites, proved that the anti-rate is up to more than 97 percent. It has a intelligence parsing engine for English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Japanese languages. It has double filtering engines for websites and keywords. You may custom websites and keywords. Live update. Software and database can be updated by LiveUpdate program. Filseclab shall untermly update the websites and keywords database, You may live update database online. Alerts. When user visited the porn websites up to or more than a specified number, the program can send you an alert E-mail. If your E-mail can transmit Short Message to your mobile.

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