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Description of XAN ISDN-Anrufbeantworter >XANAB Home<:

Like conventional answering machines this software records messages, XANAB uses however the possibilities of the ISDN net, e.g. displays the caller name, supports several ISDN controllers and B channels (dependent on the license), suspends or forwards calls. Other characteristics are among other things: monitoring or resuming connections by soundcard, callback, call forwarding, special configurations dependent on MSN or callers or time, remote control. By the integrated script language you are able to create e.g. a ticket hotline or a call center solution. XANAB is expandable by plugins.
License types:
XANAB home: 2 B channels, 1 ISDN line
XANAB office: 8 B channels, 4 ISDN lines
XANAB pro: 32 B channels, 16 ISDN lines or S2M

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