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Description of Popularity OnSnap:

Popularity OnSnap is a Windows program for finding expired or on-hold domains with high link popularity in the major search engines. Features include scanning through large databases of deleted and on-hold domains and saving the resulting lists of domains with Link popularity to a variety of file formats. The Script for search customization fully meets the user's needs. This is a valuable tool for Webmasters and domain hunters. Why were these domain names abandoned? Perhaps the author lost interest, couldn't afford the fees or simply forgot to renew the domain. With Popularity OnSnap software you have the chance to reclaim some of this valuable and wasted traffic and actually make money from it by just putting ads on your Domains with high Link Popularity. Webmasters, you can easily overcome your competitors in search engine placement by acquiring targeted domain names with high link popularity. Link Popularity of domain name places a major role in search engine placement. Links are great source for consistent traffic. Popularity Onsnap software provides you with an ability to dig popular domains from millions of expired, on-hold and deleted domains.

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