Scan LISTS of domain names (COM, NET, ORG, UK) for availability. Enter lists manually, generate patterns, import lists of names.




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Description of NameScanner:

NameScanner quickly scans lists of domain names for availability and saves the results to a text file. Before starting a scan, enter your wish list: manually type a list of names, let the program generate random names based on a pattern that you entered, import any text file that contains domain names, merge existing lists, paste from the Clipboard, or any combination of these. "Clean Up" removes spaces and control characters and places every name on a line by its own. Filter the list: maximal length, no names starting with a number, no names with hyphens, set an "exclude" list (don't scan again what you scanned already yesterday), top level domain (COM, NET, ORG, UK), and so on.

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