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FTP-Client for maintenance of HTTP- and FTP-Services, incl. Online




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The CoSyDat FTP-Manager is suitable to make connections to remote FTP-Server and to transfer files from local drives to the remote folder of the FTP-Server and from the FTP-Server to local drives. Multiple connection relationships can be pre-designed between available phonebook entries on the local side and FTP-Server addresses on the remote side and with one click each individual connection can be activated. The FTP-Manager can communicate with own and public FTP-Server but also with Online Services like AOL, CompuServe, T-Online etc. for maintenance of Homepage folder. The connection can be controlled by the internal RAS-Manager. Downloaded files having the ZIP-Format can be unpacked by using the integrated ZIP-Module, self-extracting EXE-Files (based on ZIP-Format) can be converted into ZIP-Format. Button Download will bring you first to our web page http://www.cosydat.de/freeshare/. Search the column FTP-Manager, click Show-It and you will get an explanation and screen shot of the program and the ability to download it.

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