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MoneyMethod is an easy and effective tool for the creation of Internet shops. It contains a number of professional templates intended for the qualitat




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MoneyMethod is an easy and effective tool for the creation of Internet shops.It contains a number of professional templates intended for the qualitative and functional presentation of the shops on the Internet. All you need is to enter the information on the products and services: the images of products, their description, prices or any other details. After your eShop is ready you can place it on a web site without any special preparation. With MoneyMethod you get an administration program that supports and updates your electronic shop. The orders of customers will be received via e-mail.   MoneyMethod will help you create your own eShop for the Internet as easily as you do Excel sheets.Your eShop will have: high-quality design, an unlimited inventory list, a built-in system of products ordering and news subscription, some other necessary for an eShop informational blocks.   MoneyMethod presents the following features:
the independence of shops, made with MoneyMethod, from the provider's server type, the possibility for using several currency types, a preview function - viewing of a completed shop, before publishing, more than 20 variants of a shop design and organization, the "shopping cart" function, an unlimited number of products and categories.   MoneyMethod is based on the latest IT achievements - Java technology and compares favorably in:
the possibility of working without the knowledge of data formats, information development and support means on the Internet, the possibility of working with data bases, of basic formats (JDBC and ODBC technology), the possibility of both static and dynamic generation of XML and HTML files,the possibility of a shop generation with SQL-queries to distributed data bases,the possibility of the connection of external additional programs for information processing, the possibility of the templates modification.   Specialists advise of two very important peculiarities of MoneyMethod:
the product allows the creation of Internet shops based on already existing data bases of products (the most widely spread formats are supported). In particular it makes available using the product concurrently with the company documents that are in circulation. Except of the library of templates and the template editor, the product allows the usage of XML and HTML files as template prototypes. It is possible to use the traditional, well-known and easy means of Web-sites development for the creation of templates.

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