Traffic system: banner, popup, popunder, start, exit exchange, target by categories of interest, country, day, hour, start date, end date.




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Description of GoldenCUBE:

Start your own unique professional traffic website.


Member Features
Automated register verification by email
Edit member contact details
Create and manage unlimited number of campaings
Target your campaigns by
categories and subcategories of interest
IP zones, countries, internet providers
days of the week
hours of the day
start date
end date
Set number of maximum credits to spend per day for each campaign
Set keywords
Add unlimited number of banners
Get code for generating traffic credits
banner html code: displays a banner on and counts impressions/clicks
start page link : display a client page when browser opened if set as homepage
exit html code : displays a client page when the visitor leaves your page
popup html code : displays a client page over the current window when the visitor enters your page
popunder html code : displays a client page under the current window when the visitor enters your page
Get alternative codes for displaying pages with a top frame that visitors can use to browse websites and generate more traffic for you
Get alternative codes for displaying pages with a autosurf top frame (autohits surfing) that visitors can use to automatically browse websites and generate more traffic for you
Get html codes for displaying more content on your website and also generate more traffic
Upload images, html ads, urls and use unlimited rotators for these
Top 25 sites (based on number of displays)
PPC Search box
Traffic system overal statistics
Detailed statistics
Today/Total, impressions/hits for each type of traffic, clickthrough rate
By time : per day, per hour
By banner
Manage campaign safelist, subscribers, email safelist
Manage credits for campaigns : assign credits, store cumulated credits in your profile for later usage
General statistics of traffic balance
Subscribe/unsubscribe from email services
Read messages and notifications in account inbox
Use affiliate link to bring members and receive bonus credits when they confirm
Purchase more credits and become an advertiser
Bid on PPC keywords (advertisers only)
Send paid emails (advertisers only)
Email all safelists (advertisers only)

Webmaster Features
Set exchange rate for each member and default exchange rate
Disable/Enable members
Search members, order listings by fields
Edit member details
Edit member policy, trusted status, autoapprove campaigns/banners
View member area
Add/remove credits
Approve campaigns, banners (can be set on autopilot)
List campaigns by groups, edit campaigns
Configure payment modes for buying credits (paypal and egold payment gateways already integrated, also any 2checkout product link)
Process payments/withdrawals with a single click
Email members (select 1 member or all)
Post custom messages and notifications (to all/advertisers/free/trusted/disabled/not confirmed) in inbox and also by email, html and text
Edit directory groups and levels
Set default credits, affiliate bonus
Set default page, banner
Analyze campaign traffic by hour, day, visitors, unique visitors
Edit all page and email templates, css styles, member area custom resource center, traffic exchange top frame
Bann IP, IP prefix
Set IP fraud check timeframe (the time each ip must wait before making a new request to avoid multitasking robots)
Set IP startpage minimum skip time (the time the surfer must wait before geting credited for another page)
Set member approval mode
Clean old messages, events from database, traffic records to boost statistics and overall website speed
(Note: Webmaster features can be accessed in 'backdoor/' folder with authentifiaction. )

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