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Description of Web3.99U!:

Web3.99U! is absolutely new offline browser. It can:1. download several sites with different project parameters at the same time.2. download site at once, by parts (time divided) with possibility of changing project parameters.3. download up to 5 files from one server at once.4. distinguishe important pictures (diagrams, illustrations, schemes) from less important and prevent unnecessary pictures from downloading.5. block any banners from loading. 6. filter site resources and get only necessary.7. accept any changes of project parameters during site downloading.8. restore downloading after connection was broken, keeping previously downloaded bytes.9. be integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer.10. keep History of downloaded sites for easy loading remaining documents at any time.Also program generates relative links to let you relocate downloaded files. But links on documents that haven¡¯t been downloaded on any reason point to files on original server so you can watch them in browser from original place.

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